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Inman InnovationsInman InnovationsInman Innovations

Inman InnovationsThe Flip 'n Talk is a manual augmentative communication system consisting of a main "core vocabulary board" of high frequency words and/or phrases, and an affixed spiral bound flip chart of semantic categories. Vocabulary symbols are placed on both sides of the strips, giving the user access to 30 categories of symbol strips. Boardmaker software makes the system easy to generate and customize. The Flip 'n Talk serves as a way for individuals to augment their expressive speech and language skills. And by using "Naturally Aided Language Stimulation" strategies to model language with this system, the Flip 'n Talk can serve as a model for complete sentence generation by the communication partner. While sample main or "core" boards are included with the product, possibilities are endless for custom boards and strips.

Inman InnovationsInman Innovations
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