"I remember our rep installing Picture WordPower on Josh’s talker and handing it to me. Within a few minutes, I started crying. Can you believe I cried? Tears of relief and amazement. This was it. This was language organized in a way that really made sense. Fast and logical.  On paper, Josh’s challenges are daunting. He has a rare genetic syndrome with moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities. His muscular and skeletal systems are compromised and will continue to degenerate. He is hearing impaired.  At times, Josh’s anxiety disorder can make even simple tasks daunting. And yet, he communicates. Effectively and efficiently. I am convinced that when he is in pain or dealing with his anxiety demons, when it is critical he be able to express himself, Josh would not have the ability to recall complex codes or navigate through various screens.  We are so grateful for WordPower."
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“Josh continues to use a version of Word Power. It works for us in so many ways. WordPower provides access to the words we use most of the time, an onscreen QWERTY keyboard, word prediction on the talker as well as one touch access to categorized vocabulary – all on the main page. The main page remains the same and Josh built automaticity. His motor memory has been built so solidly that his hand moves into position before the screen can change. He barely needs to look at his talker. And we printed out the main page and created loads of boards. We laminate some for the bathroom. We print and iron them on pillowcases and tote bags. We print them on magnetic paper for the fridge in the kitchen.

Talk about terrific backup systems, right?

Other people in Josh’s life are comfortable with WordPower. Because the language is so well organized, people find it intuitive and easy to learn. This helped out so much when Josh was just learning and even now when we are helping him to expand his expressions.

There is no doubt that using Picture WordPower helped Josh build his literacy. His speech-language therapist was the one to recommend moving Josh from Picture WordPower to WordPower when an analysis of his usage demonstrated mastery. The move to WordPower, which provides more vocabulary on the main page, led to Josh using new words and expanding his expressions.

Connecting his talker to his computer for online activities has been so easy. His familiarity with WordPower reduced the cognitive load of writing connected sentences. He is able to create and maintain online relationships using the same language he uses with his family and close friends.

To the unknowing, WordPower looks like a bunch of words in columns and rows. For Josh, it’s language organized in a logical and intuitive way. It’s the vehicle he needs to communicate.”
– Pam Harris, Parent

“My daughter is deaf and has cerebral palsy, and thus communication was a challenging prospect. The combination of Picture Word Power and Word Power has given her the ability to let us know what she thinks, feels and knows. It is an invaluable tool that can open up the minds and hearts of those who must face multiple challenges in being heard.”
– Janice Caro, Parent

“My son James is using WordPower. The great thing for us has been the reaction of other family members. His Dad wasn't comfortable with the device before, but now he can model WordPower to speak to James. My Mom, who used to tell me that James just wouldn't work with her, now is so excited because she says James is cooperating with her more. I think it's really because she understands it and feels more confident.”
– Pam Corley, Parent
“As a professional working in the field of AAC for many years, when appropriate, I have continually recommended WordPower for my clients. And when I come across an AAC user who is an effective communicator, I invariably find out that he is using WordPower.”
–  Iris R. Fishman, MA, CCC/SLP Assistive Technology Specialist

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